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Tax Withholding

To effectively update your tax withholding please complete a W4 FORM.

Once competed, either fax to (714) 596-7798 or scan and email back to

5 Year Recompete

Assignments are competed every five years to meet procurement requirements. Assignments that have been in place for five years are reviewed and may be competed as new, open Job Postings (JP) based on BPA’s needs. BPA Workplace Managers have the responsibility to review and re-evaluate the needs of their work group to determine if positions are still needed or if the group’s needs have changed.

You will be given notice when your assignment is to be “re-competed” to allow you the opportunity to apply. You will receive notice from SLMO approximately three months prior to the re-competition and then again from SLMO seven days prior. This process also provides you with an opportunity to re-evaluate the staffing supplier representing you and select a new one if desired.

If you are selected on the re-competed Job Posting (JP), a new assignment begins and you are subject to the “assignment longevity standard” once again. As a reminder, the assignment longevity standard requires you to be in your current assignment for at least one year before you are eligible to apply on a new assignment at BPA. The year must be completed prior to the “respond by” date on the open Job Posting (JP) but you are eligible to apply on vacant federal positions at any time.

Rate Increase Requests

For new associates, we must wait 1 year from your start date in your current assignment at BPA before we may submit a request for an increase.

For current associates, we must wait 1 year from the date your last increase was effective in your current assignment before we may submit a request for an increase.

We would like to work with you on such requests at least a month in advance. Please reach out to us at for any questions.

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If you ever have any questions regarding your employment with ActOne Group while working onsite at Bonneville Power Administration as a Federal Service Contract Associate including, Payroll, Human Resources or anything at all, please do not hesitate to contact us at the numbers and/or e-mail listed below.