Entering Time Sheets

Time worked is reported using Fieldglass, a Vendor Management System (VMS), accessible at Fieldglass is all you will need to report your hours. Once you begin your assignment, you will receive an invitation via e-mail to register for Fieldglass. We recommend you start setting up your profile as soon as possible--depending on how many projects you are involved in, it could be a quick task or it could take a bit longer. To do so, you will need any applicable accounting strings and ABM codes for your assignment, which you may obtain from your BPA customer/manager directly. If your BPA customer/manager is missing some information, it is recommended you contact your COTR.

You may update your time sheet every day, or multiple times a day if you so choose.  However, all hours should be submitted no later than close of business on Friday, (or the last day you work in a week). 

Once submitted, your BPA customer/manager will authorize your hours through Fieldglass and our office will do the rest to make sure you get paid.  Although BPA customer/managers may only authorize timecards every two weeks, you will be paid weekly if your timecard is accurate and submitted on time.


You are authorized to work overtime only if your forward us written approval from your BPA customer/manager in advance of working the overtime.  Each department has their own form or e-mail procedure for requesting and approving overtime hours.  Should you need to work overtime, please fax or scan and email the completed form or email string to and/or (714) 596-7798.

Time Off

From time to time it is understandable that you may need to be away from work. Whether anticipated or not, all such absences should be documented accordingly via a Time Off Request submitted to our office.

Please submit these at least two weeks in advance, whenever possible. We do not need original copies, so you may either scan and email them to and/or fax them to (714) 596-7798. If you ever need to call in sick, please e-mail and/or call both our office at (866) 493-8343, and your BPA Workplace Manager (if permitted by the client/customer) as early as possible.

Pay Cycle and Pay Statements

Payday is every Friday, and the pay is always for hours worked the previous week.  We transmit direct deposit information early in the week, and depending on individual bank policies, the deposit is usually available Friday by noon.

During your first week on assignment we will send you a link to our "People Portal" via e-mail, which will give you access to view your pay statements online.  Many of our other associates not on assignment at BPA also use this site for entering timecards; you, however, will use it simply for accessing pay statements only.

To register for the portal, please follow the link in the e-mail. Once registered you may return to the site by navigating to this page and clicking on the appropriate "People Portal" link below. Paystubs prior to the change to ActOne Government Solutions will be under the AppleOne People Portal. Paystubs after the change to ActOne Government Solutions will be under the ActOne People Portal.

NOTE: Please contact us directly at for any available Vacation Awards and/or Sick accrual inquires of any kind as the hours that may appear on the People Portals and/or paystubs do not take into account any unpaid time off of any kind and/or advanced paid time off of any kind and are often not an accurate portrayal of what may truly be available. Same holds true regarding any notes mentioning any kind of time off that may be conveyed anywhere within the People Portals and/or paystubs. Non-Exempt Federal Services Contract Associates currently on assignment with us at BPA have special time off allowances that exceed what our normal temporary employees receive who are not on assignment at BPA. Please reach out to us directly at each time so we may calculate your current actual available Vacation Awards and/or Sick accrual.

This website is exclusively for ActOne Group Federal Service Contract Associates working on site at Bonneville Power Administration. No employees of any kind of ActOne Group and/or any of its affiliate companies may use or reference this site for any reason whatsoever.

If you ever have any questions regarding your employment with ActOne Group while working onsite at Bonneville Power Administration as a Federal Service Contract Associate including, Payroll, Human Resources or anything at all, please do not hesitate to contact us at the numbers and/or e-mail listed below.